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The Marriage War Something Worth Fighting For Sancha S First Instinct Was To Burn The Anonymous Letter Its Malicious Message Couldn T Be True Do You Know Where Your Husband Will Be Tonight Do You Know Who He Ll Be With Sancha Adored Mark Now As Much As When They Were First Married, Even Though Family Life Meant That They Were No Longer So Close She D Never Dreamed That Her Tough, Handsome Husband Would Fall Into The Arms Of Another Woman The Battle Was On Though When Sancha Confronted Mark, She Discovered The Physical Attraction Between Them Was As Strong As Ever But She Wouldn T Let Herself Be Seduced By Him Not Yet

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Re The Marriage War Charlotte Lamb gets book ten of the Forbidden Series and starts her own little Sisters mini series.This book, like The Ultimate Betrayal is about a husband who almost sleeps with his secretary There is definite emotional infidelity and unlike TUB, this H isn t

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    DNF DNF DNFUgh, gross, and yuck.Take heed from the other reviews, this is nothing but sordid adultery The hero is a complete and total idiot that gets caught in his own web of infidelity by an evil OW that is smarter andsoulless than even him.Why, why did you take him back, little h There is not even the consolation that he is a good father to offset his horri

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    Despicable hero who felt neglected by his wife who takes care of three young children and the House and has post partum depression He has an affair with a co worker and admits to be falling in love with her.And upon discovering their affair he is not remorseful because he claims that she had no time for him But for dinner and hanging out with another woman he h

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    i hated it 2nd worst book i read by CL, who mind you, is my favourite author i was so shocked and disgusted by the pathetic heroine sancha made absolutely no move to bring mark to heel she was just desperate and afraid he wud leave her dats all she cared about mark even told her maybe he was in love wid jacqui and she still wanted to stay married to him in my op

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    Four stars for intensity, although CL pulls her punches quite a bit It s the same scenario as Michelle Reid s The Ultimate Betrayal overwhelmed housewife heroine has been neglecting her ambitious husband Husband seeks emotional solace ego stroking from the OW but doesn t go all the way Heroine discovers the affair from an anonymous letter At first she denies it a

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here When I first started this book I couldn t believe how much it pissed me off I m laughing now, because I was practically foaming at the mouth seriously, see my updates I guess it s because I can t stand cheaters I think it s so self centered, selfish and cruel to fool around Anybody who

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    No stars for this book I hated the male lead the guy was just nasty I mean how could he even think about having an affair and then on top of that admitting that he was on the verge of falling for the other woman and they got physical enough that he nearly slept with her As far as I am concerned he was unfaithful in everything but the actual act and even then he adm

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    Dating someone else is cheating, dipshit The fact you think it s cheating only when you put your dick in another woman says everything the reader needs to know about your lack of intelligence I wanted the h to castrate the H That is not the way a romance book should make you feel.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Why did I read this again I am a glutton for punishment I guess but for some reason it popped up on my radar and I had to re read it just to make sure I truly hated it And it s confirmed The heroine was an idiot She should have confronted him when she saw them together at lunch and if not

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    Mark cracked me up with his claim that he didn t cheat because he and the other woman, Jacqui a.k.a Crazy Tart , hadn t had sex yet They had gone on dates, kissed and touched it was only a matter of time So yeahit s still cheating In the end Mark realizes he hurt his wife Sancha badly and hates himself for it He asks for forgiveness, knowing now that he should have ta

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