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The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations (Penguin Historical Atlas) This New Historical Atlas Richly Illustrated With Photographs, Artwork Recreations And Full Colour Maps Explores The World S Earliest Civilisations From The First Farming Settlements Of Mesopotamia, Via Egypt, Greece And Rome, To The Civilisations Of The Far East, Europe And America Informatively Written, And Ideal For Both Students And The General Reader, It Plots The Rise And Fall Of Empires, The Nature Of Different Societies And The Evolution Of Technology.

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    Very clear OK, it s high level and very short but it does deliver what it says and it s not euro centric And the print quality for the maps and illustrations is excellent, which is an essential attribute for a book like this.

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    What I like about books is that some of them have maps in them.

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    The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Civilizations was an easy primer to learn about ancient civilizations featuring brief summaries about civilizations from all the inhabited continents and maps of the territory each civilization impacted The book made me think about the bias of recording only

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    Includes coverage of The Ancient Near EastThe African Civilizations only northern Africa is included The First Civilizations of Asia Only China, Indus Valley and India are included Nothing for the rest of Asia First European CivilizationsThe Ancient Americans Mexico, Andes, Easter Island Eastern USA are included Fo

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    I enjoyed this reference very much I picked it up thinking it would focus only on Egypt and the Near East and was pleasantly surprised to find it also covered the Americas, Asia and Northern Europe I did find one printing error, but otherwise the articles were informative without...

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    Clearly presented I bought it mainly for the maps which are very useful John Haywood has a simple and friendly style.

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    I loved it If you teach World History and need a quick reference guide or somewhere to pull new material from, this is a great source.

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