The Elephant in the Living Room: Make Television Work for

The Elephant in the Living Room: Make Television Work for Your Kids The nation s top child development experts examine the effects of television on children and their groundbreaking research will startle manyTelevision is the elephant in the living room of our culture American children watch television an average ofhours per day, and many parents sheepishly concede that they rely on television as an electronic babysitter But TV is not necessarily harmful to kids The authors present groundbreaking scientific evidence that television can be a powerful and effective tool for entertainment, for education, and for socializationThe secret is for parents to learn how to use television as a tool, not a crutch With a detailed explanation of the effects of television viewing on kids emotional, mental, and physical development, plus tips to enable parents to act on this new knowledge, they ll soon be able to turn TV into a positive force in their child s life The authors share which popular shows increase your child s reading ability and which may delay speech development which televised sports boost girls self image and which ones could cause eating disorders the best and worst programming for every age, from toddler to teen

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    Really good book about how to raise kids in a world with TV.

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    Although this book made me feel guilty for allowing my son a regular diet of TV from the age of 10 ish months on how else am I going to get a shower PLEASE TELL ME MR CHRISTAKIS , it also provided a TON of good food for thought about the role that TV plays in family life, both in terms of its potential for good and its harmful effects I appreciated the focus on actual d

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    Pediatrician and epidemiologist Christakis and economist and child development expert Zimmerman, both parents, codirect the University of Washington s Child Health Institute Here, they analyze television s impact on children in areas such as attention span, educational attainment, social behavior, sleep, and body image They encourage parents to rethink, restructure, and

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    I like the book s mantra the unexamined TV is not worth watching Couple of notes emphasis on that you should watch with your child ren when they watch see the study that showed children wereattentive to the show w parent in room , so you can know what happened and talk with them about it can t expect them to want to talk about TV if they never see you doing it with the sh

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    This is a very interesting guide to monitoring TV viewing for your children, from their infancy to teenage years As a mother of a toddler, I was primarily interested in the areas that focused on the preschool years It had a lot of useful information on what to look for in good educational TV as well as guidelines for how much is too much The authors cite a number of intere

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    This book teaches about the effects of television in your home It is super comprehensive and discusses how tv affects everything from sleep, early sex, violence, literacy development, ADD, prosocial behaviors, obesity, body image, drugs and alcohol, spending habits, andI agreed with almost everything and I now feel that I caneffectively bring the television into my home so

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    This book is really interesting so far I highly recommend it if you are currently a parent or are planning to become one some day The book does not glorify or demonize TV but lays out the research being done on the affects of TV on children from age 0 18.Although I haven t finished reading it yet, it also has a chapter dedicated to a step by step approach to using TV to educ

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    Why did I not have this information four years ago when I became a parent If you are a parent, you want to read this book The book is readable and quick and very informative on a topic I thought I had already given enough thought I was wrong, and I m glad I now have this as a reference Highly recommended.

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    I got this book as swag for participating in a study on preschoolers TV habits It s an interesting and mostly compelling look at the way TV affects children, based mosly on the authors own research It is also notable for being the first book I managed to read cover to cover since Aranya was born.

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