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La Ville Vampire Some Tell Of A Great City Of Black Jasper Which Has Streets And Buildings Like Any Other City But Is Eternally In Mourning, Enveloped By Perpetual Gloom Some Call It Selene, Some Vampire City, But The Vampires Refer To It Among Themselves By The Name Of The Sepulchre To Destroy The Dreaded Vampire Lord Otto Goetzi, Writer Ann Radcliffe, Merry Bones The Irishman, And Grey Jack Her Faithful Servant, Launch An All Out Attack On Selene We Can Easily See In Vampire City The Ultimate Literary Ancestor Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Brian Stableford Paul F Val 1816 1887 Was The Author Of Numerous Popular Swashbuckling Novels And One Of The Fathers Of The Modern Crime Thriller Brian Stableford Has Published Than Fifty Novels And Two Hundred Short Stories Vampire City Was Written In 1867 Thirty Years Before Bram Stoker S Dracula And Is One Of Three Classic Vampire Stories Also Available From Black Coat Press. A terrible book, but a very enjoyable one Nothing beats 19th century French pulp horror fiction when it comes to crazy Also interesting as a vampire novel written before Dracula and therefore free to make up much of its mythology. Paul Feval s almost entirely unknown book which I only found after researching a random reference in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is a post modern masterpiece before there was post modernism It s like a ridiculous episode of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, crossed with an Ann Radcliffe melodrama, as written with Voltaire s sense of humor An ensemble cast of delightfully tongue in cheek stereotypes go on adventure in Eastern Europe when young Anna s childhood friends are kidnapped by green glowing vampires whose victims transform into random weirdos and who have the ability to make duplicates of themselves Wackiness ensues, and I mean that in the best possible sense Short less than 150 pages, when you remove the translators notes and fast paced, you can read this in a day and will find yourself laughing out loud It helps if you ve read a lot of gothic fiction already particularly Anne Radcliffe s and know something about English culture and the French perception of it, but the book is entertaining beyond its niche It will definitely shake up your classics collection, if nothing else. A horror comedy, supposedly showing events which led Ann Radcliffe to write Mysteries of Udolpho This is a pre D racula vampire story and as such none of the usual vampire rules apply The story is told to the author by a servant, who heard it from Miss Radcliffe These layers of removal from the actual events make it feel like reading myth or urban legend and allows the reader to easily ignore any errors or contradictions that might arrive in the plot You would think that this distance from events would however be detrimental to any sense of horror but this is not the case due to the surreal and nightmarish form s of horror which the author uses, its almost Lovecraftian at times.Towards the end things do go downhill a little, it feels like maybe this started as a pure vampire story and the gothic satire was added later on, it doesn t quite mesh.One aspect i particularly liked was that our main action hero is irish Much comedy is derived from this fact given that the story is being told by someone english, allowing the story to make fun of english prejudices I think this story would be a great piece to read alongside Carmilla and Dracula. DNF 43% Almost comically uninteresting and impossible to get into PaRoDiEs don t work for me, at all.

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