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Firefighter Walker McClain was, hands down, the sexiest, most affecting suspect that undercover investigator Jen Lawson had ever been assigned But she hadn t come to Station Three to fall into bed with McClain She was there to find out if he was a dangerous vigilante the Payback KillerWalker knew better than to get involved with his new SWAT partner But she awakened feelings he thought had long since turned to ash after his wife s brutal murder And as their attraction heated up, so did the killer s deadly plan The question was, just how deep did Walker s obsession with justice go The Vigilante Lover

About the Author: Debra Cowan

aka Debra S Cowan, Debra MarshallA native Sooner, romance author Debra S Cowan was born in Idabel, Oklahoma, and later moved to the Tulsa area Like many writers, Debra made up stories in her head as a child Her B.A in English was obtained with the intention of following family tradition and becoming a school teacher, but after she wrote her first novel, there was no looking back.An avid history buff, Debra enjoys traveling She has visited places as diverse as Europe and Honduras, where she and her husband served as part of a medical mission team Debra still lives in Oklahoma with her husband.She is a member of Romance Writers of America and is the Past President of Oklahoma Romance Writers of America Her writing has been called fast paced , vivid , emotionally satisfying , and distinguished by strong, compelling characters Romantic Times Magazine says, Her stories have the charm, tenderness and sensuality that captivate and enchant Affaire de Coeur predicts, Cowan shows the beautiful promise of a rising star And The Literary Times urges, Treat yourself to a novel by Debra Cowan You ll be glad you did.

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    Someone is meticulously killing homeless criminals using an ingenious method He burns them.The most likely suspect is firefighter Walker McClain His motive is irrefutable Two and a half years ago his wife, carrying his unborn child, died in a brutal mugging by a homeless man with a scar across his knuckles And Walker hasn t stopped searching for him.Such a mindset could easily turn him into a vigilante murderer He has

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    SRS 1598

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    Working undercover as an undercover SWAT medic firefighter, it s Jen Lawson s job to find out if fellow SWAT medic firefighter, Walker McClain was the Payback Killer With all the evidence pointing to him, it was Jen s job to figure out if the evidence was pointing in the right direction With the death of his wife and unborn child and his strange behaviors since, everyone knows Walker would have the want for revenge But thet

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