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Ten North Frederick This Is The Story Of A Family Of The Best People, Living In Gibbsville, Pa Three Generations Of The Chapin Family Are Portrayed With Intimacy And Uncompromising Clarity Many Other People At All Levels Of The Social Ladder Are Portrayed As Well, And What They Do And Say To One Another Is Often Shocking.

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    I came to this novel having seen the 1957 film version and being intrigued with the film and wondering how faithful it was to the novel I was surprised to find that the core of the film was not the main body of the novel, but only covered the final thirty pages or so Yet this was no disappointment I d not read O Hara before, but I will readThis is a rather wonderful novel encompassing decades in

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    I finished 10 North Frederick 1956 this morning on the train to work, and I have mixed emotions about this novel On the one hand, it is very much a John O Hara plot with his penchant for sparkling colloquial dialog among its many characters It is a novel set in his fictional Gibbsville, Pennsylvania, modeled after his own hometown of Pottsville On the other hand, for a novel that was awarded the Natio

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    John O Hara is a literary descendant of Sinclair Lewis If you like that brand of naturalism, then I highly recommend Ten North Frederick O Hara considered part of a novelist s job to be a social historian, so the novel is filled with significant and, perhaps, not so significant minutiae of life in Gibbsville, PA based on O Hara s hometown, Pottsville from the 1880s to the 1940s, reading which approaches te

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    Who thinks they can, and should, be president Joe Chapin does Why He s born rich, went to an Ivy League College, now is a successful lawyer in high society and free from scandal He hates FDR, refers to him as our friend , and wants to run on a conservative platform to bring America back to its former glory O Hara tells the story of 3 generations of a wealthy small town family He explores wealth and social statu

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    Ten North Frederick won the national book award in 1956 I touched on it in my blog It s a book I ve always wanted to read, but it wasn t easy John O Hara wrote it with no chapters, and long paragraphs What was fascinating about this story, was how well he depicted the characters in this small town and their political manoeuvrings As the American election of 2012 just took place, I found what went on back in the 1930

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    A forgotten American classic by a forgotten American author O Hara s ending neatly predicts that he and his protagonist will be lost to memory, as will we all.

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    Spans several generations of quiet desperation How does one measure a life

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    I first read this many decades ago when O Hara was better known and, along with his compatriots such as Faulkner and Hemingway, etcpopular than now Only Fitzgerald and Steinbeck seem to have remained so with each having books on examination syllabuses But, of course, that doesn t necessarily mean they re popular However, since the publisher has seen fit to re issue this in Penguin Classics, perhaps O Hara will begin to enjoy somet

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    Oh, what a delicious book This classic novel, written in 1955 but taking place over a 60 year span that is primarily in the early 1900s, focuses on the three generations of the Chapin family who reside in the fictional town of Gibbsville, Pennsylvania The book has very little plot, but the characters are so deeply developed that you feel as if you know them from their likes and dislikes, personality quirks and even sexual proclivities

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    I recently finished John O Hara s Ten North Frederick, an illuminating and entertaining portrait of small town mid twentieth century America The protagonist, Joe Chapin, is a man who seems like he has it all wealth good looks a devoted wife and the respect of Gibbsville, Pennsylvania But below the surfa...

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