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His Untamed Innocent Jake Radley Smith Is Pleasantly Surprised To Find A Strange Female In His Company Apartment Wearing A Bath Towel He Isn T Interested In Marin S Sob Story He S Late For A House Party And She Ll Be Perfect As His Ready Made Date Marin S Completely Bewildered She Thought Pretending To Be A Loving Couple Would Be Easy, But The Chemistry Between Her And Jake Is Explosive She S Also Left With No Doubt That What Jake Wants, He Getsd It Seems He Wants Her Badly How Can She, Inexperienced And Nervous, Handle His Lethal Brand Of Dark Desire

About the Author: Sara Craven

Anne Bushell was born on October 1938 in South Devon, England, just before World War II and grew up in a house crammed with books She was always a voracious reader, some of her all time favorites books are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Middlemarch by George Eliot, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bront , Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and The Code of the Woosters by P G Wodehouse.She worked as journalist at the Paignton Observer, but after her marriage, she moved to the north of England, where she worked as teacher After she returned to journalism, she joined the Middlesbrough Writers Group, where she met other romance writer Mildred Grieveson Anne Mather She started to wrote romance, and she had her first novel Garden of Dreams accepted by Mills Boon in 1975, she published her work under the pseudonym of Sara Craven In 2010 she became chairman of the Southern Writers Conference, and the next year was elected the twenty six Chairman 2011 2013 of the Romantic Novelists Association.Divorced twice, Annie lives in Somerset, South West England, and shares her home with a West Highland white terrier called Bertie Wooster In her house, she had several thousand books, and an amazing video collection When she s not writing, she enjoys watching very old films, listening to music, going to the theatre, and eating in good restaurants She also likes to travel in Europe, to inspire her romances, especially in France, Greece and Italy where many of her novels are set Since the birth of her twin grandchildren, she is also a regular visitor to New York City, where the little tots live In 1997, she was the overall winner of the BBC s Mastermind, winning the last final presented by Magnus Magnusson.

10 thoughts on “His Untamed Innocent

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here On the plus side,we have a great romantic hero of my favorite kind, the reformed rake The heroine is not conventionally beautiful which is a nice change of pace The stepsis is not a troll from hell for once, so thanks for debunking that cliche The parents are nice and supportive The initial dialogue between h and H

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    The ol SC that I ve known luved is back I hope she ll stick to her best luved formula Unplanned pregnancy marriage, angst, young shy virginal heroine, loaded hero w mouth watering mansion, luv 1st sight a touch of humor Brilliant writing as always The only thing that I wanted SC to add was smacking the 2 bitches the restaurant for being venomous vipers LOL J K It just felt like a dangling minor i

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    meh mellow romance with a mildly annoying heroine, witty Brit hero and a predictable plot line But this being a Sara Craven book didn t feel so very unoriginal with originality having lost out to formula these days Definitely worth two stars or maybe even two and a half.

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    3,5 stars for extremely naive that means idiot and besotted H and totally preventable little angst.

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    The h in this book is a complete ninny She makes a deal with hot Mr H to be his gf for a party He needs to avoid the wife of one of his clients who has her heart set on having him back in her bed They then get invited to spend a weekend at the same client s house with his barracuda wife They have a challenging weekend trying to keep their hands off of each other, until the last, when the H made the ear

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    The heroine was a major bitch and the hero was the most wonderful kindest sweetest man She didn t deserve him I wanted him to dump her sorry ass and kick her to the curb but alas it never happened.

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    The hero Jake arrives home to find the heroine Marin in his apartment wearing only a towel Marin s stepsister is Jake s PA and thinking that Jake would be out of town for a while offered Marin the apartment to stay in after Marin had returned home suddenly Although he is blatantly annoyed to find Marin in his home he does see a way out of a current dilemma so he asks her to come to a party with him in orde

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    The thing I wondered while reading this book was were that point is when heroine s naivety turns into TSTL In this book I wanted to hit that Marin girl with something hard Like a frying pan Hero was great Hero was amazing And she was some stupid girl with lousy excuses who believes everything she is told by nasty people and doesn t believe her own experience or hero s words I wonder how she was successful at

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    Average 3.0I would have given it just 2.0 but one extra for the honey sweet Male lead , Jake He is such a lovely character , easy to fall in love.Marin is stupid Sometimes it felt like she was right in her part , but most of the times , you will find her stupid , at times you may also feel like giving a tight slap Especially the second half of the book.Well Yaas , I loved Lynne , Barbara and Elizabeth.

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    This is marginally better then THE HIGHEST STAKES OF ALL At least she wasn t sold to Jake by a relative.

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