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Circling My Mother Anna Gagliano Gordon, who died inat the age of , was the personification of the culture of the mid century American Catholic working class A hard working single mother Mary Gordon s father died when she was still a girl she managed to hold down a job, dress smartly, raise her daughter on her own, and worship the beauty in life with a surprising joie de vivre Bringing her exceptional talent for detail, character, and scene to bear on the life of her mother, Gordon gives us a deeply felt and powerfully moving book about their relationship Toward the end of Anna s life, we watch the author care for her mother in old age, beginning to reclaim from memory the vivid woman who helped her sail forth into her own life From the Trade Paperback edition

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    Mother, mother, your feet stink,You re old and poor and you like to drink,Still you re a Catholic, pure and true,Mother, mother, I hate you Nobody reads Mary Gordon expecting warmth, insight, empathy, or humor From the very beginning this renowned Irish American intellectual has specialized in hate But up until now, she s been smart enough to restrict h

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    This is the second book I ve read by Mary Gordon I have an ambivalent attitude toward her as a writer She writes well, but I think I don t like her as a person It would be interesting to see what I thought if I met her Mary Gordon s book about her mom is a lot about her herself, really And she seems to harbor a lot of grudges and ill will toward people in he

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    After reading this actually 3 4 before I flung it down in disgust I wouldn t shake Mary Gordon s hand if she held it out to me A memoir is all about personal perspective but hers is so bitter and warped and skewed and I don t ask for facts in my memoirs, not necessarily, but it seems so EXAGGERATED For proof read the chapter about her Aunts and how she paints the

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    No one will ever fault Mary Gordon for a lack of frankness or honesty In the past, she has mined her rather difficult upbringing and family life for short stories, novels, essays and memoirs Now, with Circling My Mother, she shares intimate details of her often difficult relationship with her mother, a woman afflicted with polio as a young girl and who was looked down

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    Well, I m going to take a page from Kristi s book, and start a review mid book.Circling My Mother is this year s One Book, One Saint Mary s book selection And to be honest, I m having trouble figuring out why it was chosen Less than 100 pages in, the book comes across as incredibly bitter and self serving The author appears to be using this book to express her hurt feeling

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    Public library copy I was looking for something light to read, ha This is not light reading I read it quickly because that is what I do when I m not comfortable with what I m reading Some people don t finish the book I read it quickly Let me tell you why.My mother lived until just shy of her ninety fourth birthday, and like the author s mother she lived with the insidiousness o

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    I m nearing the 75 mark for memoirs read Since I m writing my own, I m trying to read as many as possible to study form, language, characterization, setting, tone, etc I have read about 10 that are stellar, and what I like about them most is that they are lyrical rather than literal they are reflective instead of judgmental they are embodied rather than summarized So, the problems I

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    This was a book club selection Some people loved it Some disliked it intensely Most were indifferent I can t claim to have read this book I skimmed most of it The book is supposed to be a memoir of her mother In reality, it isabout the author The picture it paints of the author are vey unflattering It starts and ends with short stories about the painter Bonnard The chapter about her moth

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    I did not particularly like this book The relationship between Ms Gordon and her mother is so strained and strange, as are her relationships with her extended family aunts, cousins Perhaps I could not understand the dynamics of a large Catholic family and the huge role the church played in it I founds myself skimming paragraph after paragraph of interior dialog as Gordon attempts to explain h

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    A memoir about a complex mother daughter relationship, the author s tone is self involved and excessively self important Even though each chapter s title begins with My Mother and ___, the author makes thisa story about her own internal ruminations including an excessive use of literary philosophical artistic references and as a result provides a fairly two dimensional rendering of her mother The

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