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Long After Midnight She Wanted To Save Lives The Killer Wanted To End HersThe First Warning Was Triggered Hundreds Of Miles Away The Second Warning Exploded Only Yards From Where She And Her Son Stood Now Kate Denby Realizes The Frightening Truth She Is Somebody S TargetDanger Has Arrived In Kate S Backyard With A Vengeance And The Gifted Scientist Is Awakening To A Nightmare World Where A Ruthless Killer Is Stalking Herwhere Her Innocent Son Is Considered Expendableand Where The Medical Research To Which She Has Devoted Her Life Is The Same Research That Could Get Her Killed Her Only Hope Of Protecting Her Family And Making That Medical Breakthrough Is To Elude Her Enemy Until She Can Face Him On Her Own Ground, On Her Own Terms And Destroy Him

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    I really enjoyed this book I just wish it hadof an epilogue.

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    Spoiler alert This is not the only book Iris Johansen has written about a miracle cure for everything She would later write a novel called Dark Summer, only with dogs And this time, it s the good guy who s a Native American.Wait, what Yeah My biggest problem w

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    Long After Midnight by Iris Johansen Research scientist Kate Denby helps to make a medical breakthrough that could save millions of lives In return, she needs to protect the lives of her family and friends that support her as there are those who will do anything to stop

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    medical thriller genre Big drug breakthrough and then it s a good guys bad guys life death industry espionage fight for the money story reads easily but not a book highlighting ethics, morality, etc just a page turner.

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    No stranger to Iris Johansen s books, LONG AFTER MIDNIGHT is true to her form excellent This story kept the hairs on the nape of my neck standing at attention with every turn of the page And the plot twists oh my I highly recommend this book.

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    Another classic Iris Johansen book I wish she would expand her horizons But at least she s consistent you know what you re going to get when you open the cover.

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    A nice book Interesting, with all those people wanting to kill each other Some unexpected twists turns but also a bit too much and incredible romance, still all in all I consider it a good book before bedtime A nice book Interesting, with all those people wanting to kill each other Some unexpected twists turn

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    Book Description She wanted to save lives The killer wanted to end hers.The first warning was triggered hundreds of miles away The second warning exploded only yards from where she and her son stood Now Kate Denby realizes the frightening truth She is somebody s target.Danger has arrived in Kate s backyard with a venge

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    I really enjoyed this book I got this book years ago and finally decided to sit down and read it This is definitely an edge of your seat book I really enjoyed this book and look forward to readingfrom this author This book is about a woman who is creating a special drug to help mankind but certain people are trying to prevent it

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    This was the first Iris Johansen novel I ve read Even though it was unrealistic, it was still suspenseful enough that I enjoyed it a lotthan I thought I would It reminded me of a TV movie, but a good one I m always a little wary of mother with child in danger plotlines, but Joshua was not the precocious, unlikable brat I half expected I w

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